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Worried about skyrocketing insurance rates
demerit points or hefty penalties? Our experienced team can help you.


Facing a careless or distracted driving ticket?
We may be able to help avoid a conviction or limit the penalties.


Increase your chances of avoiding the courtroom.
We can fight your speeding ticket for you.

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Have you received a speeding, careless driving or other traffic ticket in Ontario? We will fight it for you!

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About H.E.L.P.


We provide help fighting traffic tickets across the province of Ontario.

If you get your Ontario traffic ticket in a different jurisdiction than where you live, you can contact your local H.E.L.P. office. They can help you and forward your file to the right H.E.L.P. location on your behalf. This ensures they have all of the information about your case.

All offices are staffed with paralegals who have passed rigorous examinations. They’re licenced members of The Law Society of Ontario and governed by the Paralegal Rules of Conduct.

Traffic offences covered

Our traffic ticket experts and experiences paralegals know how to fight many driving violations to provide solutions and keep your license free of demerit points.
Here are some of the offences we handle :

Why work with our experts?

  • Effective, Efficient, Affordable
  • Respected and experienced paralegals, former traffic officers, paralegal program college graduates, and former prosecutors
  • High quality representation with honesty and integrity
  • Involved, hardworking members of your community
  • Licenced members of the Law Society of Ontario
  • Convenient locations in Ontario

What you can expect from H.E.L.P.

In most cases, working with us means you’ll never have to appear in traffic court. A big relief for most people!
With HELP, you:

  • Save money
  • Avoid lost work hours
  • Avoid or limit travelling expenses
  • Experience less stress and worrying
  • Attain the best possible result in each case
  • Avoid escalating penalities if you are a new or novice driver
  • Keep your license clear of demerit points



We service the entire Province of Ontario through our own offices in major metropolitan areas and our network of trusted independent agents. Click on the map in the area where your offense occurred.


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