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Novice drivers and escalating penalties

What you need to know about escalating penalties for novice drivers

All drivers can face penalties when convicted of traffic offences. Novice drivers are at a greater RISK when convicted. Upon conviction, they may receive escalating penalties that result in stiffer consequences every time they commit a similar offence.

Here's an explanation of "escalating" penalties from Ontario's website. Remember that driving is a privilege, not a right!

When escalating penalties apply:

According to the official Ontario website, escalating penalties can apply if you are:

  • Convicted of breaking graduated licensing rules
  • Convicted of a Highway Traffic Act offence that results in four or more demerit points (e.g., follow too closely, speeding, street racing, careless driving)
  • Subject to a court-ordered suspension for a Highway Traffic Act offence that would have otherwise resulted in four or more demerit points

With each offence, the penalty stiffens.

  • First offence: driver's licence is suspended for 30 days
  • Second offence: driver's licence is suspended for 90 days
  • Third offence: Lose your novice licence

You will need to re-apply for your licence and start over complete with re-taking all tests and paying all fees. You will also lose any time discount you earned, any time you were credited and any fees you have paid.

Why you need representation to fight escalating penalties:

If you are a Novice Driver and you are charged with any of the offences set out above, you could face escalating penalties. You should contact a HELP office to discuss the benefits of disputing the charge. One small mistake in handling your case could lead to expensive and serious consequences. You could lose much more if you decide to try to save on costs by representing yourself.

Considering this could lead to civil action and liability, it’s wise to get representation for escalating penalties. One small mistake in handling your case could lead to expensive and serious consequences. You’d lose a lot more if you decide to save on costs by representing yourself.

Prosecutors often hold an early resolution meeting. However, the prosecutor’s job is to prosecute the charge that results in revenue for the local municipality. Prosecutors cannot give you legal advice and they’re not on your side.

They’re not required to tell you the strength of the evidence they have against you. Prosecutors don’t have to say if the charge against you is the right one as they may offer you different charge that’s more suitable to the circumstances. Nonetheless, it could still be damaging to you.

Why you should hire HELP Legal?

We have experienced Paralegals serving across the province of Ontario. Most are former police officers or prosecutors and college graduates. All of our agents have met the high standards of Law Society of Upper Canada, the governing body for lawyers and paralegals practicing in Ontario.

Our team has many years of experience, knowledge and integrity. We work to get you the best outcome possible and have a high success rate to show for it. We handle everything from filing the ticket and reviewing disclosure material to assessing witnesses from both sides and arguing relevant case law. Most of all, we’re on your side!


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We may not always be able to have your charge dismissed. Still in those cases, we typically negotiate a beneficial resolution to reduce the consequences. These include insurance premiums, demerit points and escalating penalties.

So you can see if we’re a fit for your needs, the initial consultation is always free!

Here’s a quote from a client:

“I have no doubt in my mind that my driver's license would have been suspended had it not been for your hard work and dedication in dealing with my case. I am exceptionally pleased with the service you provided and would be pleased to recommend you to anyone.” — Paul B.

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What’s the cost to fight Novice Driver offences involving escalating penalties?

It’s minuscule compared to the cost of representing yourself. What’s more is that you get someone on your side. – To quote Abraham Lincoln – “he who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

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