What you need to know about Ontario driving offences.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act and its various regulations create hundreds of offences relating to documents, required equipment, reporting, licensing and many moving violations. Only moving violations charged against the driver carry demerit points.

Many accident investigations result in more common offences being laid by the police including:

  • Turn not in safety
  • Unsafe lane change
  • Fail to yield
  • Improper turns
  • Fail to turn out to avoid a collision
  • Disobey red or amber light
  • Handheld Devices / Cellphone tickets
  • Distracted driving
  • Pedestrian crossover offences

Major Driving Offences in Ontario

For information on the various driving offences and why you should fight them, please see our list below:

All of these offences carry two or three demerit points upon conviction. Not only does this lead to a fine, but can also cause a suspension of your driver’s licence depending on your licence classification and driving record.

What happens after a traffic accident?

Remember that 99% of accidents are not witnessed by the police since they usually arrive well after the accident occurs. The officer will try to determine the facts by speaking with the drivers involved and any witnesses. Based on this information, they will try to determine who committed a driving offence(s).

If you are involved in an accident and the police question you, you are required to produce your driver’s licence, vehicle ownership and insurance documents. The officer may ask you what happened. Be aware, especially if you feel you may be at fault, you are not required by law to give a statement, and anything you do say could help the officer in deciding to charge you.

Your statement could be used against you in court. Moreover, a statement to the police could be used in civil proceedings if you are later sued.

Why should I have representation to fight the traffic ticket?

Since even a minor accident can lead to a civil action and liability, a minor ticket can cause serious and expensive consequences. You have a lot to lose if you decide to represent yourself just to save the cost of hiring experienced representation.

Many court locations offer an early resolution meeting with the prosecutor. You should know, the prosecutor’s job is to prosecute you and if you are convicted, this results in the local municipality collecting revenue (the fine) from you. The prosecutor is not your friend, is not on your side, and cannot give you legal advice.

Prosecutors are not required to tell you the strength of their evidence against you. Prosecutors don’t have to reveal whether the charge against you is the correct one, they may offer you another charge which may sound more fitting or more appealing to you but one which could still be damaging to you in the end.

Why should I call on H.E.L.P.?

We’re a province-wide company with experienced, licenced paralegals ready to help you. HELP’s paralegal agents have met the Law Society of Ontario’s high standards, the governing body for Lawyers and Paralegals practicing in Ontario.

Our licenced paralegals have a high success rate because of their integrity, knowledge and years of experience. We want to do their very best for you. Our responsibilities are to file the ticket, study disclosure material, review the evidence witnesses from both sides and argue relevant case law. We’re on your side!

We don’t always have your charge(s) dismissed, but we’re usually able to negotiate a beneficial resolution to a minor offence involving less serious consequences for insurance, demerit points and fines. The initial consultation is always free! 

Here’s a quote from a client:

“Thank you for your extra effort that you put forward with my trial matter. It was a particularly stressful time for me and your sensitivity & expertise on how to resolve the charge was very much appreciated.” — Jacquie R.

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What’s the cost to fight minor offences and Ontario traffic tickets?

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