Seatbelt Tickets

What you need to know and how to fight your failure to wear a seatbelt ticket.


Demerit points are given for seatbelt offences whether you’re driving without a seatbelt or with an inoperative one, or you’re a passenger who was not wearing one, or improperly wearing your seatbelt. Most offences carry two demerit points, except the following:

  • If you are driving with your seatbelt completely removed
  • If the driver’s seatbelt has been rendered inoperative
  • As a passenger if you are not wearing or improperly wearing your seatbelt

Seatbelt infractions include:

  • Driver not ensuring that passengers under the age of 16 wears a seatbelt
  • Not occupying a position with a seatbelt
  • Not ensuring that a child passenger or toddler is properly secured

Why you should fight Ontario seatbelt tickets?

There are only a few exemptions to wearing a seatbelt:

  • Driving a motor vehicle in reverse
  • Medical reasons (you must carry a dated certificate from a medical practitioner)
  • While engaged in work that requires you to exit from your vehicle at frequent intervals as long as the vehicle does not travel above 40km/hour

The set fine for any seatbelt offence is $200.00 plus surcharge. Any conviction for a seatbelt infraction will remain on your driving record for a period of two years and will be visible to your insurance company for three years.

These convictions appearing on your driving record can cause concern to your insurance company and that all too often translates into increased insurance premiums over several years.

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While we have a high success rate, we don’t always have your charge(s) dismissed. However, in those cases we can usually negotiate a beneficial resolution to a minor offence. This can result in less serious consequences related to insurance, demerit points and penalties.

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