Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If the officer reduced my traffic/speeding offence at the roadside; do I still have any reasonable prospect of beating the ticket?

Absolutely. Fighting reduced tickets is something we successfully do on a regular basis.

I received a ticket in another province, if I am convicted, will there be a record attached to my Ontario driver's license?

Yes. All Canadian provinces and Territories have agreements in place to share information. There are also reciprocal agreements with most U.S. States.

Do you handle traffic offences in Ontario for drivers who have licenses in jurisdictions such as Quebec or the United States?

Most certainly. As a matter of fact, we are familiar with licensing penalties in other jurisdictions and we are able to use our legal knowledge to save demerit points on your license.

Can I appear for my friend and hand you the ticket and do the paperwork?

Yes, however, the person charged on the face of the traffic/speeding ticket will be required to sign our retainer agreement to allow us to represent him/her and the paralegal will need to satisfy him/her that the person charged understands what is being signed.

I was charged after being observed by the O.P.P. aircraft and was charged with speeding. Can you do anything about this?

Yes. We have successfully fought all types of speeding charges whether the evidence is gained through pacing, LIDAR, RADAR or aircraft observations.

Do you handle impaired driving/DUI or criminal charges related to driving?

Yes, in many jurisdictions in Ontario we do deal with impaired driving or DUI. We have partnerships with lawyers who can assist you with your case.

Will you keep me up to date as my case progresses through the system?

Yes. As events develop in your case, you will be notified of all significant details.

Will I have to attend court if I hire you?

No. The majority of cases (over 95%) are handled without the client ever having to take part in any proceeding. However, if the agent handling your case determines that it would be in your best interest to attend and/or provide evidence, your agent will let you know. You will not be forced to attend but your agent can advise you of the benefits or drawbacks relating to your attendance and together you will be able to determine the best course of action.

If I file a complaint against the officer, will that help me with my case?

If the complaint about conduct of the officer is not relevant to the evidence against you, a complaint will not help your case. Complaints about police conduct are investigated thoroughly, usually by the police department and they are treated separately from the charge against you. If your complaint is about the charge being laid, the police will not investigate the matter and will direct you to take the matter up with the courts. However, if there are allegations of misconduct in the gathering of evidence against you, your H.E.L.P.Legal representative may be able to assist you.

I was charged with speeding but the speed the officer clocked me at was higher than the speed I was actually driving. Is this something I can fight?

Yes. In a case like this, you would be best to speak to your local H.E.L.P.Legal office. Click here for a list of our locations.

The officer did not reduce the speed on my ticket. Is there a margin of error on speed detection devices?

Yes. Each speed detection device has a margin of error, usually between 1 to 3 km/h, and sometimes that margin is just enough to save your points. Click here for a list of demerit points and charges.

The officer made a mistake in the spelling of my street address on the ticket. Will it be thrown out?

No, the spelling of the street address is an error which can be amended by the Court and will be of no benefit to you.

If the officer doesn’t show up in court does that mean the charge is automatically thrown out?

If the officer does not attend for the trial and the court is informed of a valid reason why the officer cannot be in attendance, the Court has the authority to adjourn the trial to a new date when you and the officer can be in attendance.

Can I fight a seatbelt offence ticket?

Yes you can! The set fines for any seatbelt offences have been raised to $200.00 plus surcharge. Any conviction for a seatbelt offence will remain on your driving record for a period of 2 years and will be visible to your insurance company for 3 years.