STUNT Driving & Street Racing

What you must know about STUNT driving and street racing tickets/charges in Ontario.

Although Ontario’s roads are among the safest in North America, Bill 282, Moving Ontarians More Safety Act 2021, now more aggressively targets street racers, and STUNT drivers, as of July 1st 2021.

In Ontario, the most current common reason for a STUNT driving offence is because a driver of a motor vehicle has been caught travelling at 40 km/h or more over the posted speed limit that is a 70 km/h or less speed limit zone, and 50 km/h or more over the posted 80 km/h zone, or greater, maximum speed limit.

A driver of a motor vehicle can also be convicted of a STUNT while squealing tires or making a left turn immediately before the vehicle facing the opposite direction is able to proceed straight through the intersection after getting the green light.

STUNT driving is a strict liability offence. In these offences, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the act with which you are charged. Like with absolute liability offences, the prosecutor does not have to prove any mental element or intent.

However, unlike with absolute liability offences, you may raise a defence by proving on a balance of probabilities that you took all reasonable steps to avoid the particular act or that you reasonably believed in a mistaken set of facts which, if true, would render the act innocent. Most provincial offences are strict liability offences.

Why you should fight a STUNT driving ticket or charge

Penalties are severe, and constantly increasing

  • Immediate, 30 day roadside suspension of licence
  • Immediate fourteen day impound of the vehicle, whether it’s yours or not
  • A $2,000 to $10,000 fine, plus the court imposed 25% Crime Victims Surcharge
    On first conviction, a mandatory licence suspension for not less than one year and not more than three years
  • On a second conviction of STUNT, a mandatory licence suspension of not less than three years and not more than ten years
  • On a third conviction, indefinite licence suspension
  • The court can also impose a sentence of up to six months in jail, including all of the above mentioned
    Get the definition of races, contest and STUNTS from the Government of Ontario e-Laws website. (Opens in a new window)

A conviction for street racing, STUNT driving offences in Ontario will most certainly result in a drastic increase in insurance premiums or even a cancellation of the policy. You could be paying between $4,000 and $10,000, or more with some companies. You need to protect your licence and your insurance premiums.

Get the definition of races, contest and STUNTS from the Government of Ontario e-Laws website. (Opens in a new window)


All convictions remain on your drivers abstract for three years from date of the conviction, and an insurance companies can access your drivers abstract information. This can have a detrimental effect on your insurance premiums for up to five years or more. After the three year period on your drivers abstract, the conviction will remain in your archive drivers abstract that is accessible by the Police and Prosecutors. You cannot obtain a pardon for these offences.

Demerit Points

If you’re convicted of the offence of STUNT driving or racing, you accumulate six demerit points. These remain on your driving record for two years.

All convictions remain on your public record for three years, and an insurance company can access that information. This can have a detrimental effect on your insurance premiums for up to five years or more.

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